Homemade Naturally Flavoured Shortcrust Pastry and Delicious Fillings

Our homemade shortcrust pastry comes in six natural flavours and can be used with our delicious four fillings. All made with natural fresh ingredients.

To save you time and effort but most importantly to end up with an exquisite and tasty tart!



£5 per roll

Fresh Herbs

£5 per roll


£5 per roll


£5 per roll


£5 per roll


£5 per roll


Impress your friends and family with a professional looking, home cooked tasting masterpiece. Whether you want your tart piled with fruit or packed with savoury flavour we have you covered! You can mix and match your filling with one of our pastries to produce a scrumptious delight. You can decorate it and make it your own and no one will ever know you cheated, it will be our secret...

Roast Vegetable and Ricotta Filling

Ham Hock and Leek Filling

Blueberry and Almond Filling

Chocolate Fondant Filling

How To Buy Them

Pick up from one of our three locations in Cobham, Richmond or Reigate. For details please email us here.

We only make a certain amount of fillings and pastry batches per week. When we’re sold out we will add your items to the following week.


Dear 3 Tarts
I wanted to say how much we loved the parmesan pastry and was glad that the chilli had run out!! 
I fall into your absolute catchment band that needs all the help I can get to turn out a meal that tastes great and makes me look as if I'm doing home cooking!!  
… but most importantly delicious!! 

Thalia Groves

Dear The Three Tarts
Just to let you know that your pastry was absolutely beautiful!!!
The trial was a huge success.
It was:
So easy to use.
Unrolled very smoothly.
Nice and stable placing it in a flan dish.
Did not shrink when blind baked.
Was beautifully short.
Was absolutely delicious.
A total dream and I will be placing a large order.
Absolutely amazing and provided the basis for a wonderful lunch today. Thank you so much! A fantastic cuisine short cut.

Phoebe Bell

My decoration lets it down but I can confirm that this was the best dessert I have EVER made according to my family. Delicious!

Adrienne Tyler
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