This Is Us


Linda Wilkinson, Gabriela Collins and Gisela Hyde

We are three Surrey ladies, Linda and her two daughters, Gabriela and Gisela, who love eating, drinking and entertaining.

We’ve always loved the extra ‘something’ that cooking with flavoured pastry gives our food. And we’ve always wondered why no one sells naturally flavoured, ready-made pastries and fillings.                                                                               

That’s why we decided to sell them ourselves.

So that people like us, who love cooking and love shortcuts even more, can impress their guests with homemade wonders whilst also having plenty of time for wine and chat.

Our homemade pastry rolls come in six fabulous flavours and to make making delicious tarts even simpler we've also created four fillings. Two savoury and two sweet. So you can mix and match our flavoured pastries with our sumptuous fillings.

What could be easier?

A delicious, and very useful little secret to keep in your freezer. 


Please email us here, to order your pastries and fillings or send us a direct message via instagram.


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